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History of AAAClipArt.com

We started work on AAAClipArt.com on February of 1999. The first few months mainly consisted of negotiating link exchanges with other websites and also going out and asking permission from other sites to use their content in our archive. Some of the kind sites that have given us permission to use their images in the past can be found here. (a new window will be open)

Over the next two years, we added thousands of our own, high-quality images to the archive.

AAAClipArt.com has been on the "back burner" for several years now - when the Internet bubble burst we had to move onto other things. But, the site is still live and all images are free for you to use, so enjoy. =)

The People Behind AAAClipArt.com

Rob and Jessica Bartlett have now been happily married since June of 2000.

Our primary focus now is WTFast.com - let the nerd rage begin!

Jessica has written an awesome movie script which she hopes to sell soon, with another one in the works.

If you would like to write us, please send an email to:
rob @ aaainternet . com


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